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Spoil your mum this mother's day.

Mothers day: Sunday 27th March 2022

Looking to spoil your mum this mother's day? Wanting to thank them for everything they do? Get prepared and organised, make them my simple afternoon tea that doubles up as an affordable present and time spent together

There are lots of amazing companies out their that sell afternoon tea to have in a cafe or at home but why not save money, and make it more meaningful for your mum and make it yourself? My afternoon tea makes the perfect treat for everyone so this is defiantly one to keep in the pocket for the future, not just mothers day! 


This definitely doesn't have to be difficult or time consuming, but start with the basics choose about three sandwich flavors you want to do these could be as simple as just cheese or something more fancy like smoked salmon and cream cheese.  Then to save time I like to make a sausage roll, (although you can buy this) and then buy a scotch egg and a pork pie, you might prefer to make everything from scratch and my hat goes of to you, but personally I would prefer to spend more time making the sweet treats. 


For the sausage roll I buy the ready rolled puff pastry (cheating again, sorry!) and sausage meat which you can buy from most supermarkets or butchers , I make stuffing and then add the sausage meat to this and then spread across the puff pastry in a line along the middle of the pastry. I then cut insisons from the meat to the end of the pastry and fold it over the pastry and repeat on the other side to make a lattice structure. Once all tightly folded this can be cooked straight away or stored in the freezer until mothers day, giving your more time to prep the sandwiches and sweet treats. 

I also love to recreate 'mickey waffles' with our mickey waffle maker, i know these are technically called waffles however I think they taste more like pancakes and make a fun treat for any Disney lover. Over Christmas I noticed Primark were selling Mickey waffle makers in their stores so if your were lucky enough to get your hands on these or your local store still has them available why not make your shrove Tuesday Disney themed this year?

I hope your Shrove Tuesdays are fun and sugar filled, 

Happy Pancaking, 

Becky x

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