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Spoil your Mum this Mother's Day.

Mother's Day: Sunday 27th March 2022

Looking to spoil your mum this Mother's Day? Wanting to thank them for everything they do? I personally love to make my mum afternoon tea to celebrate Mother's Day. 

There are lots of amazing companies out there that sell afternoon tea to have in a cafe or at home, but why not save money and make it more meaningful for your mum and make it yourself? My afternoon tea makes the perfect treat for everyone so this is definitely one to keep in the pocket for the future, not just Mother's Day! 

When deciding what I want to include in my Mother's Day afternoon tea, I like to begin by choosing three or four different sandwich flavors.  These could be as simple as just cheese or something more fancy like smoked salmon and cream cheese. My go to choice is probably ham salad, egg mayonnaise and cress, cheese and pickle and one other basic one, such as jam.  I have found for our family and friends this provides something for everyone, as it is slightly fancy but sandwiches everyone will eat. Depending on how luxury I want to go I will either buy or make a fresh loaf of bread or if it's a last minute plan or I'm looking to do it on a budget your normal sandwich bread works perfectly. 

I then like to do 3 other savory items. I tend to do a homemade sausage roll flavorful, with my favorite being pork and stuffing.  These are great as they can be made ahead of time and frozen until ready to use.  Then I usually buy a pork pie and a scotch egg, however I do like to get these from a local butcher rather than a supermarket as they are a little bit more special. 

Next to the most important part of afternoon tea - scones! I always make mine from scratch as they are so easy when mixed up in a food blender and I do both plain and fruit. I make one mix, then halve it, keeping one half plain and adding sultanas to the other half. 

Onto cakes, every time I do afternoon tea the cakes are slightly different depending on how much time I have and who its for. I always make sure that it has the person's favorite cake and then I do a mixture of bought cakes and homemade.  However, some ideas of simple home-cakes are mini cupcakes, brownies, any tray-bake such as flapjack and then biscuits.  I would recommend looking out for Marks and Spencer's Mother's Day Connie the Caterpillar as this makes a great fun addition, especially if you have kids. 

This can all be served with pink lemonade, a hot drink or a bucks fizz and if we are lucky enough the weather might be nice enough to enjoy outside!

Hope you all have a lovely day spoiling your mum this Mother's Day. 

Becky x

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