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Easter Cadbury Mini Egg Cheesecake.

Sunday 17th April 2022

Following on from last weeks Biscoff Cheesecake blog, I thought I would start the Easter baking with an easy Cadbury Mini Egg cheesecake.  These cheesecakes in eggs were a massive craze last year, and I certainly know why! 

I tried to recreate these Easter egg cheesecakes last year and will definitely be making it again this Easter. This is super easy to make and a great way to get the kids involved in some baking while they are on their Easter holidays

To make this cheesecake I used Cadbury's Easter Eggs and Cadbury's Mini Eggs and a Greens Cheesecake Mix. This cheesecake mix is amazing as it makes it such a quick and easy process. I know this is cheating and can be a bit lazy, but these kits are great for getting children involved in baking and also for when you are looking for a last minute pudding over the Easter weekend.


I have been using these cheesecake mix for years, since I was little, however they are getting more difficult to find so if you find somewhere you can get them I would love to know? I usually get mine from Sainsbury's however they are becoming harder to find there as well! 

Right, onto the making of the cheesecake, to begin with you need to break the Easter egg in half without cracking it. This can be challenging although if you are lucky you might have one that is already split into two halves. Once the eggs are in half, it's onto the cheesecake mix base.


Once made, spoon some into the Easter egg and squash it down to compact it. Make sure you spread the base over a few egg halves otherwise you will have a very thick hard base! Then move these to the fridge to cool.


While these are in the fridge make the cream section of the cheesecake mix. Then, crush some Cadbury Mini Eggs and add to the mix stirring in to ensure an equal spread. Once you have added the Cadbury Mini Eggs, add the mix to the Easter egg on top of the biscuit base and smooth the top with a spatula and add more Cadbury Mini Eggs to the top to finish. Return to the fridge to set, then serve and enjoy! 

Enjoy, recreating these Easter treats!

Becky x

20210404_211439 easter_edited_edited.jpg
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