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Let's continue to shop Fairtrade

11th March 2021
Fairtrade fortnight: 21st - 6th March

With Fairtrade fortnight just finishing (21st February- 6th March)  its important to continue to shop Fairtrade to help protect our world. 

Baking often means that I get through a lot of ingredients, which is why I always like to shop Fairtrade or locally. It's important that workers, who are producing the produce for us get treated fairly and have safe working conditions, which the Fairtrade foundation ensures. 

Fairtrade doesn't have to mean more expensive,  so next time you are in the supermarket keep an eye out for the Fairtrade mark. There are over 6,000 Fairtrade products so look out as there is more than you'd expect. 

Go visit the Fairtrade website to find out more: 


























Shop kindly,

Becky x