My new love for Lotus Biscoff.

Sunday 3rd April 2022

After a very long time of resisting, I finally bought the Biscoff spread that everyone has been raving about, and Oh Wow I LOVE it! So far I have made Brownies and Cheesecake with it and my family have loved them. 

I loved how a dollop of Biscoff spread on the top of a brownie made it gooey, combined with the crunchiness of the Biscoff biscuits in the brownie, it may have been may favorite brownie so far!

Then for the cheesecake, I made the base using half digestives/rich tea biscuits and half Biscoff biscuits, which I found gave a nice balance of flavoring, due to Biscoff being so strong. I then drizzled some Biscoff spread over the cheesecake and topped with a Biscoff  Sandwich Creams, which are also amazing. 

I just love how many different options the spread gives you and I can't wait to try making Biscoff stuffed cupcakes. 


I'd love to know about your favorite Biscoff bake over on my Instagram @ beckys_baking_adventures. 

Becky x

20220220_173415 biscoff.jpg
20220219_223941 biscoff_edited.jpg