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Let's get pancake ready

Shrove Tuesday: Tuesday 1st March 2022

Pancake day or Shrove Tuesday, is definitely one of my favourite days as I am a massive pancake lover and it is always an exciting day in our house. 


I think Pancake day is all about making pancakes exciting and a little bit special. One of my favourite ways to do this is to make S'more pancakes which are so simple, but such a treat!


All you need to do is cook your crepes as you would normally do. Then just before it is fully cooked on the second side, add marshmallows big and small and chocolate (I like to use any leftover chocolate) broken into small pieces and allow it to melt.


As the chocolate and marshmallows melt, fold the pancake in half and half again to form a triangle. Flip and cook on the other side for a few seconds then it is ready!


This can get slightly messy and sticky but that is definitely part of the fun. If you really want to treat yourself add ice-cream, strawberries and treat sauce. 


This is a really fun and a super sweet treat for pancake day. It makes the perfect after tea treat, and saves time making lots of pancakes as you definitely only need one of these! 

I also love to recreate 'mickey waffles' with our mickey waffle maker, I know these are technically called waffles however I think they taste more like pancakes and make a fun treat for any Disney lover.


Over Christmas I noticed Primark were selling Mickey waffle makers in their stores, so if you're lucky enough to get your hands on these or your local store still has them available, why not make your Shrove Tuesday Disney themed this year?

I hope your Shrove Tuesday is fun and sugar filled, 

Happy Pancaking, 

Becky x

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